National Preaching Summit

Helping Preachers Become Better Biblical Communicators

Preaching Family Values
Ephesians 5

March 6 - 7, 2023

The family is a cornerstone of the Christian faith, yet so many families fall short of God's vision of what a Christ-focused family should be. 

At the 2023 National Preaching Summit, learn how to live biblical family values in your own life and to lead others in pursuing God's vision of family in their lives.

Be Equipped and Encouraged

At the National Preaching Summit, preachers of all ages and levels of experience gather to learn and share ways to communicate the Scriptures more effectively. When you attend NPS, you’ll get:

1. Mentoring from other pastors and ministry leaders
2. Fellowship with preachers who are walking the same path as you
3. Training & communication workshops
4. Time & space to rest, recharge, and be spiritually fed

The National Preaching Summit will help you strengthen your communication skills and give you a network of pastors to support and encourage you in your calling.

What Other Preachers Are Saying

Boost Your Effectiveness and Ministry

Keep your preaching relevant and effective by attending the National Preaching Summit. You’ll become a better biblical communicator by:

Discovering tried and proven communication methods from other preachers

Learning how to preach on tough subjects without compromising the Scriptures

Gaining fresh ideas for your sermons and teaching

Developing new skills to help you engage diverse groups of people

Countdown to the 2023 National Preaching Summit

March 6 - 7, 2023

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The National Preaching Summit is a College Press Publishing event.
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