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Preaching Unity in Turbulent Times

Main Sessions

Monday, March 11th

11 a.m.                  Doors Open/Registration
1:00—1:05 p.m.  Welcome, Introductions, Opening Prayer
1:05—1:50 p.m.   Main Session #1 
                              Reframing the Family: Embracing God’s View of the Family
                              Brian Mavis
2:00—2:50 p.m. Workshop Electives A
2:50—3:05 p.m.  Short Restroom, Refreshment, & Fellowship Break
3:05—3:50 p.m.  Main Session # 2 
                              What is Keeping You (your family, your church) from a Better Story?
                              Rick Rusaw
4:00—4:50 p.m.  Workshop Electives B
4:50—5:05 p.m.   Short Restroom, Refreshment, & Fellowship Break
5:10—6:00 p.m.  Main Session # 3 
                              The Family, the Church & the Preacher
                              Dave Stone
6:00 p.m.             Supper (included w/ registration)
7:00—8:20 p.m.  Main Session # 4 
                               A John Branyan Occurrence
                               John Branyan
8:30 p.m.              Dismissal for the evening

Tuesday, March 12th

7:00—7:55 a.m.    Networking Breakfast (included w/ registration)
8:00—8:45 a.m.   Main Session # 5 
                               Embracing the Family: Reimagining the Family as Missionaries
                               Brian Mavis
9:00—9:50 a.m.  Workshop Electives C
9:50—10:05 a.m. Refreshment Break
10:10—10:55 a.m. Main Session # 6 
                                Everyone Wants to be Better, but. . .
                                Rick Rusaw
11:00—11:50 a.m. Workshop Electives D
12:05—12:40 a.m. Main Session # 7 
                                New Things an Old Preacher is Learning About Preaching
                                Dave Stone
12:40—12:45 p.m. Final Remarks/Closing Prayer 


Monday, March 11th

2:00—2:50 p.m. Workshop Electives A
4:00—4:50 p.m. Workshop Electives B

Tuesday, March 12th

9:00—9:50 a.m. Workshop Electives C
11:00—11:50 a.m. Workshop Electives D

Workshop Descriptions

A Story Is Told: Sharpening Our Skills in Illustrating and Storytelling

Illustrations and stories build the bridge between explanation of a biblical text and its application. Great illustrations are hard to source and illusive to deliver. This workshop intends to advance the skill for this critical effort in sermonizing.

Called to Care
Every preacher needs to explore the heart of the Father for “orphans” (James 1:27). Eric will inform and challenge us to lead our churches to care more about the tremendous need for Christian families to consider adoption and foster-care.

Preaching from Acts - Part One
Preaching from Acts 1:1 all the way through 28:31 can be a daunting task for any preacher. In this workshop, we will highlight some ways to preach from Acts in light of its main themes and offer a few strategies for preaching through the entire book.

Preaching from Acts - Part Two
If we aren't careful, preaching a lengthy series through the book of Acts can begin to feel repetitive. This workshop will offer some creative techniques and approaches preachers can use when preaching from or through Acts.

Preaching from Jude
Rob will lead us through the Who and Why, the Problem, and the Solution of preaching through the New Testament epistle of Jude.

The Preaching Elder
We will walk through the basic components of a sermon and how to build, write and arrange a basic message. This is a two-part workshop; participants should plan on attending both sessions.

The Purpose of Humor in Preaching
Veteran Christian Comedian John Branyan will help us be more creative in our preaching and teaching. John says, “God gave us laughter. It is a weapon that destroys suffering. This workshop is basic training in how to use the weapon of laughter.”

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