Conference Schedule

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In Season & Out of Season 
2 Timothy 4:2

Main Sessions

Monday, March 7th

11 a.m.                  Doors Open/Registration
1:00—1:05 p.m.  Welcome, Introductions, Opening Prayer
1:05—1:50 p.m.   Main Session #1 - Dr. Mark Scott “2 Timothy 4:2”
2:00—2:50 p.m. Workshop Electives A
2:50—3:05 p.m.  Short Restroom, Refreshment, & Fellowship Break
3:05—3:50 p.m.  Main Session # 2 - Aaron Brockett “Preaching Still Matters”
4:00—4:50 p.m.  Workshop Electives B
4:50—5:05 p.m.   Short Restroom, Refreshment, & Fellowship Break
5:10—6:00 p.m.  Main Session # 3 - Dr. Caleb Kaltenbach “Bridging the Gap Between LGBTQ Individuals and the Church”
6:00 p.m.             Supper (included w/ registration)
7:00—8:20 p.m.  Main Session # 4 - Dr. Jerry Taylor “Preaching In Season & Out of Season on Racial Unity”
8:30 p.m.              Dismissal for the evening

Tuesday, March 8th

7:00—7:55 a.m.    Networking Breakfast (included w/ registration)
8:00—8:45 a.m.   Main Session # 5 - Aaron Brockett “Lessons Learned From Leading Through The Pandemic”
9:00—9:50 a.m.  Workshop Electives C
9:50—10:05 a.m. Refreshment Break
10:10—10:55 a.m. Main Session # 6 - Dr. Caleb Kaltenbach “How to Preach about Sexuality Without Shaming Anyone”
11:00—11:50 a.m. Workshop Electives D
12:05—12:40 a.m. Main Session # 7 - Dr. Jerry Taylor “Courageous Compassion”
12:40—12:45 p.m. Final Remarks/Closing Prayer 


Monday, March 7th

2:00—2:50 p.m. Workshop Electives A
The Preaching Elder, Part 1 - Dr. Gary Johnson
The Preacher's Coach - Chad Earhart
Come On Preacher! Practical Help to Keep Going - Casey Scott

4:00—4:50 p.m. Workshop Electives B
The Preaching Elder, Part 2 - Dr. Gary Johnson
Preaching Hope In and Out of Season - Dr. Rob O'Lynn
Sermon Borrowing: How Far is Too Far? - Dr. Jason Poznich

Tuesday, March 8th

9:00—9:50 a.m. Workshop Electives C
The Preaching Elder, Part 3 - Dr. Gary Johnson
Keeping a Kingdom Focus in a Disillusioned World - Dr. Jody Owens
Sermon Borrowing: How Far is too Far? - Dr. Jason Poznich

11:00—11:50 a.m. Workshop Electives D
The Preaching Elder, Part 4 - Dr. Gary Johnson
Preaching Hope In and Out of Season - Dr. Rob O'Lynn
Preaching From the Overflow - Dr. Jody Owens

Workshop Descriptions

The Preaching Elder

Do you need someone to help preach when you are gone on vacation or a mission trip? If so, bring someone with you to the National Preaching Summit to learn in four sequential workshops how to craft and deliver a sermon.

Keeping Focus in a Disillusioned World
In times of crisis and disorientation humanity often gravitates toward oversimplified solutions. Dr. Owens explores this human tendency and urges Christian leaders to take a different approach that draws people into a Kingdom perspective.

Preaching from the Overflow
In this season of fear, mistrust and division the need for deep preaching is critical. Dr. Owens explores two key elements in consistently developing transformational sermons and worship services.

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