Conference Schedule

Workshops, networking, and training for building your ministry.

In Season & Out of Season 
2 Timothy 4:2

Main Sessions

Monday, March 6th

11 a.m.                  Doors Open/Registration
1:00—1:05 p.m.  Welcome, Introductions, Opening Prayer
1:05—1:50 p.m.   Main Session #1 
2:00—2:50 p.m. Workshop Electives A
2:50—3:05 p.m.  Short Restroom, Refreshment, & Fellowship Break
3:05—3:50 p.m.  Main Session # 2 
4:00—4:50 p.m.  Workshop Electives B
4:50—5:05 p.m.   Short Restroom, Refreshment, & Fellowship Break
5:10—6:00 p.m.  Main Session # 3 
6:00 p.m.             Supper (included w/ registration)
7:00—8:20 p.m.  Main Session # 4 
8:30 p.m.              Dismissal for the evening

Tuesday, March 7th

7:00—7:55 a.m.    Networking Breakfast (included w/ registration)
8:00—8:45 a.m.   Main Session # 5 
9:00—9:50 a.m.  Workshop Electives C
9:50—10:05 a.m. Refreshment Break
10:10—10:55 a.m. Main Session # 6 
11:00—11:50 a.m. Workshop Electives D
12:05—12:40 a.m. Main Session # 7 
12:40—12:45 p.m. Final Remarks/Closing Prayer 


Monday, March 6th

2:00—2:50 p.m. Workshop Electives A
4:00—4:50 p.m. Workshop Electives B

Tuesday, March 7th

9:00—9:50 a.m. Workshop Electives C
11:00—11:50 a.m. Workshop Electives D

Workshop Descriptions

The Preaching Elder

Do you need someone to help preach when you are gone on vacation or a mission trip? If so, bring someone with you to the National Preaching Summit to learn in four sequential workshops how to craft and deliver a sermon.

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Fellowship with other preachers who can encourage and support you.