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Preaching Unity in Turbulent Times

Monday, March 11th

11:00- Doors open/Registration

1:00-1:05pm- Welcome, Introductions, Opening Prayer 

1:05-1:50pm- Main Session #1-
And First Prize For Most Unifying Religion Goes To... Dr. Daniel McCoy

2:00-2:50- Workshop Electives A

2:50-3:05- Break

3:05-3:50- Main Session #2-
Politicked Off Ben Cachiaras

4:00-4:50- Workshop Electives B

4:50-5:05- Break

5:10-6:00- Main Session #3-
Jesus Ability To Move Through a Broken Body Jason Ishmael

6:00- Dinner With dinner sponsor,

7:00-8:20- Main Session #4-
Speaking By The Numbers Sean Palmer 8:30- Dismissal 

Tuesday, March 12th

7:00-7:50- Networking Breakfast With Sponsor Pioneer Bible Translators

8:00-8:45- Main Session #5-
Invisible Ink Sean Palmer

9:00-9:50- Workshop Electives C

9:50-10:05- Refreshment Break With Sponsor Literature and Teaching Ministries

10:10-10:55- Main Session #6-
Addressing the Mental Health Crisis Ben Cachiaras

11:00-11:50- Workshop Electives D

12:05-12:40- Main Session #7-
Let’s Stay Together Jaron Scott

12:40-12:45- Final Remarks/Closing Prayer  

Workshop Descriptions

Dr.Daniel McCoy: Preaching That Engages the Skeptic We don’t have to be afraid to preach tough topics that engage the skeptical mind. But to go there, we need to make sure we are coming from a place of honesty and compassion.

Dr. Jody Owens (Johnson University) The Call to Gravitas: Life, Ministry and Your Identity in Christ. Join Dr. Owens as we explore one of the primary prerequisites to powerful ministry. Operating foundational assumption helps prevent burnout and loss of ministerial energy while also liberating us to serve as God intended.

Dr.Rob Shoaff: Preaching Through Your Mission, Vision, and Values in a Way That Brings About Cohesiveness. Mission, vision and values point towards your culture. But culture is built on words. Every church culture recognizes the language that it speaks. This language encourages a congregation to be a community and not just a group that meets together.

Jason Ishmael Leverage for Impactful Preaching What is working right now? The Gospel is exploding in other parts of the world. Are we missing something here? When it comes to ideas that can reach another generation, the freshest idea is actually the most ancient.

Dr.Jason Poznich: Yes! Topical Preaching Can Be Biblical. Part 1 In this workshop, we will address some of the common criticisms leveled against topical preaching and present a model for biblical topical preaching.

Dr.Jason Poznich: Yes! Topical Preaching Can Be Biblical. Part 2 In this workshop, we will explore 2 additional models for biblical topical preaching.

Jaron Scott: Start with “Who?” The first issue in leading the church into unity is being a person who embodies and cultivates cultural unity in their own life. Workshop will paint a picture of what kind of person this is, and steps to take to grow into that kind of person.

Dr. Jim Estep: Syncing, not Sinking, Preaching & Teaching What is the relationship between preaching and teaching? This seminar explores the biblical, theological and practical opportunities for collaboration between the two.

Dr. Billy Strother (Central Christian College of the Bible)

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